On Saturday August 3rd, we’re hosting the second edition of our Summer BBQ!

Mark your calendars, and stay tuned for more details coming soon. 



Starting July 1st, we are excited to introduce new classes to our schedule:

CrossFit Teens (ages 9-17)

These classes are designed to improve fitness, motor skills, and contributing to performance in other sports. During these classes we will also focus on teamwork.

            Thursdays from 16:00 – 17:00
Membership:  €30 per month (1 class per week)

CrossFit Life (ages 70+)

These classes focus on building strength, improving daily movements, and maintaining confidence and control over the body.

            Mondays from 10:30 – 11:30

                        Thursdays from 10:30 – 11:30

Membership:  €55 per month (2 classes per week)

If you are interested or want to have more information please send an email to or

Team Workouts 

On every last Friday of the month, we will be doing team workouts in groups of 3. Back in the day Friday afternoons were normally our team training sessions. During these times the focus was on working out together as a team, having fun and supporting the camaraderie in the box. It doesn’t matter which level you are at in CrossFit, everybody can join these sessions. Working out together in a team, requires more communication, helping each other and making sure everybody can complete the workout. These workouts are designed to last around 45 minutes and provide a unique opportunity to train together in larger groups. This will not be a class, you can sign up for the open gym at 13:00 when you want to join.


July 26th
August 30th
September 27th
October 25th
November 29th
December 27th

Time: 13:30 – 15:00

Community Day

Join us for a monthly Friday evening gathering right after classes! Beyond our fitness sessions, we aim to create opportunities for connection and relaxation, accompanied by some drinks. Whether it’s relaxing in the gym after a workout or heading out for a drink, this will be decided based on the month and attendance. We look forward to a perfect blend of fitness and socializing!

Time: around 20:00


July 12th
August 9th
September 13th
October 11th
November 8th
December 13th

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