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All classes contain mobilization, warm-up, technical drills, a workout and cooling down.

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CrossFit: The classic, the foundation, the one that you signed up for. The CrossFit Workout of the Day (WOD) is a highly varied high intensity workout that incorporates weightlifting, gymnastics, running, and more. No class will ever be the same, but all of them will provide you with a full-body workout. These classes are always guided by an experienced and certified CrossFit coach who will adjust the workouts to be appropriately challenging for you – whether that means scaling up or down.


Gymnastics is one of our speciality classes. In this class, we focus on 1 of the gymnastics movement from CrossFit. Think about: Toes to bar, Handstand push-ups, Chest to bar, Pull ups etc. During this class you have more time to practice the movements and focus on the skill. These classes are based on skill and strength. We have different gymnastics cycles of 4 or 6 weeks where we focus on 1 movement. This class is accessible for beginners and advanced people.

Olympic Weightlifting

Another speciality class is Olympic Weightlifting. During this class we focus on the 2 Olympic lifts: the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. The class starts with a longer warm up for the joints and preparation for the lifts. This class always has 2 elements: a part where you work on your technique of the Snatch or Clean & Jerk and an accessory part to work on the fundamental strength or skill that you need for the lifts. Whether you are new to Olympic Weightlifting or already done it for a few years, the class is accessible for everybody.

Aerobic Capacity

In this speciality class the focus is on the longer endurance. The workouts have a duration of 30-40 minutes. To improve your overall conditioning, you will be working on longer conditioning workouts or interval training combined with CrossFit movements. This class will be less about weights and more about pacing together with the cardio machines (rower, ski-erg and assault bike). Training your longer capacity, will also help during the regular CrossFit classes. Every week there is a different workout, guided by one of our coaches. 

Flex WOD

With all these different classes and training, it’s also important to focus on mobilizing and relaxing the body. During the FlexWod you work on relaxing your body, mobility, and flexibility. Flexibility is defined as “the ability of a muscle or muscle groups to lengthen passively through a range of motion”, whereas mobility is the “ability of a joint to move actively through a range of motion”. It is not only the muscles stretching over a joint but also how far the joint moves within the joint capsule. This can improve for example your squats and presses.

Open Gym

Open Gym is the only one that is not a class guided by a coach. There will always be a coach present, but this hour is for free training. You can use the equipment that are available in the designated Open Gym area. You can train for yourself and work of stuff you want to focus on, of course the coach is always available for questions or tips.

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