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“Where we build your physical and mental strength by training smart and safe.”

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If you are new to CrossFit or simply want to have a feel of our training and community, we offer free try outs to everyone that is interested in joining our CrossFit box.


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“The most important thing at Vigorous CrossFit is that we encourage one another in achieving our goals. We want you to grow and become the best version of yourself both physically as well as mentally. We train smart by raising our movements standards, adjust intensities to create the best results, and train hard with no regrets. We start together and motivate the last one standing leaving no one behind.”

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CrossFit workouts varies everyday. This means that everyday we get to do different exercises to train and improve our body. It is important that we learn the basics, polish our skills and technique and pursue strength and condition.

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New to CrossFit

If you are new to CrossFit we would like to meet you first for a “No Sweat” session. In this session we will discuss:
– Who we are and what we do.
– Any questions you may have.
– Find out what your fitness goals are and how we will achieve them.


We offer 3 types of memberships to give people the best option. Choose a membership that fits best with your schedule. The more consistent you train the closer you get to your fitness goals.


Dropping In

Are you an experienced CrossFitter who  is just passing through and in need of a good workout? Check out our classes and availability in the link below.

Eric is a trainer that gives everything to make you a better athlete.
I have been to other boxes before, but instead of just pushing your limits, Eric first focus on your technique. Because of this you sport safe, can pull more weights and this in a friendly enviroment. I have been with Eric since the start of his dream and will stay in this family for a much longer time.
I hope to see you soon as a fellow Athlete!


I have been training at Vigorous CF for about 8 months now and it really made me fall in love with CrossFit. Since then, I’ve become quite the fanatic, I think is fair to say. That is definitely not just because of the sport. It is also because of the amazing coaching I get, actually. Having had Eric as a coach since that time has really made the process of getting into CrossFit a lot easier, because before that I tried to do it on my own in a commercial gym (that was no success…). You can really just tell that he knows his stuff, that was clear to me from the start. Furthermore the vibe around the place and community that he had build, and which is still expanding(!), made it so much easier to feel at home, seriously. The joking around and on the other hand the helping hand with some technique you might not get right away from your training partners is just awesome!

I really enjoy training at Vigorous CrossFit because of those various reasons, thanks Eric!


Vigorous Crossfit is an incredibly welcoming place for everybody who is looking to improve their fitness capacity.
Coach Eric has a holistic approach and will not only coach you to become stronger, fitter and healthier but also has a great way of motivating you to perform at your best.
Workouts are scaled to match your fitness level allowing all levels of athletes to participate and feel comfortable doing so. My kids are also loving their teen classes.
I can highly recommend Vigorous Crossfit.


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